The Elixir of Life


surrender - express - reconnect

Bodyflow is a subtle, powerful form of free expression movement.
Close your eyes and take time to reconnect with your true self. Let your mind dissolve and let your body become an instrument of your soul. Allow your body to softly express itself. Music will touch you and invite you to open up. Your soul is free to express as it wants. When you surrender to your heart energy, what is slumbering inside, is invited to surface. This process can be healing and rebalancing your system.
After a session of Bodyflow, you can experience joy, freedom and a deep connection with the self, with the other, with the whole ... on a totally different level than before ... Bodyflow reconnects you to life, to love, to your divinity ...

We let go of expectations and judgements. We create a safe atmosphere of openness and connection.  From there we go further and deeper. You are invited for the biggest journey of your life: the one from your head to your heart.

Loose clothing is recommended. Please do not wear jewels.

Feel free to join at anytime during the year.

Once a session has started, we kindly ask not to disturb the process.

During bodyflow, we connect with higher vibrations. During the sessions we build in moments of grounding. If you have serious issues with staying grounded in your daily life, we advise you to look for other methods for reconnecting with yourself than Bodyflow.

dates Bodyflow

we'll publish new dates in september
20.00 - 21.45 hrs

Subud Centre, La Estrella
(at the end of the road),

on donation