Moving Mountains

The Elixir of Life

the Elixir of Life

Bodea, Daivika, Lief, Stefan, Imaho and I (Jan) met at a Michael Barnett energy seminar. Ever since our lives changed. The magic returned. Nothing is what it was before.

We experienced that what cannot be spoken of.

A few years already, we support each others seminars. Now is the time we officially join together, ... to inspire your life and that of many others. To ignite a spark which awakens your fire ... .  To let you taste of that what reconnects you to your source.

If you feel ready to drink the Elixir of Life,  you are invited to open up. As you open up, you become a higher version of yourself ... .



Moving Mountains,

a life changing seminar in magical Orgiva, Andalucia


Your belief system is what creates your experience. Every belief system works. So why not choose one that empowers you ... ?

We invite you to let go of that what makes you smaller than what you really are. We invite you to start unlimiting yourself and surrender to the magic of life ...












We open the energy field. You are invited to connect to the magic of the moment ...

Many people describe our seminars as life changing, so expect the unexpected.


This seminar we gather at a high energy place in Orgiva. We would love to meet you there ...



mo 6 april (10hrs) - fri 10 april 2020 (16 hrs)

seminar: 480 € 

food and drinks (lunch, dinner, breaks): 135 €

lodging:  35 € per person per night (breakfast included)

(=175 € per person in a double room for arrival on 5 april, departure on 10 april, 2 persons in 1 room)

If you prefer to take care of your own lodging, please let us know at the moment of subscription. (There is a big demand for accomodation during Easter Holidays, be aware that you need to book your hotel or rental house well in advance. We made a pre-reservation for 14 persons in the nicest hotel in town. If you book on time, your chances are higher to stay in the hotel with the group.)


Location:     Orgiva


                       exact location will be sent at the moment of subscription

Jan's mobile: 0032 (0)476 59 13 59


Please subscribe by mail to

on subscription, mention your:

- name,

- adress,

- mobile number,

- e-mail,

- special diet requests,

- flight number + where does your plane come from + hour of arrival of your plane in Malaga (or Granada),

- do you wish to be picked up at the airport, at the bus stop in Motril, at the bus stop in Orgiva, ...  ?

- other remarks (for example: longer stay in hotel, ... )



- there is 1 bus per day from the Malaga town bus station to Orgiva.

- there are more buses per day from Malaga town bus station to Motril.

- renting a car is much cheaper from Malaga airport than from Granada airport.

- if more people want to be picked up in Malaga, or in Motril, we might hire a minibus and share costs (to be able to efficiently organise this transport, we need your flight details, your e-mail, your mobile phone number ...)

- the seminar starts at 10.00 hrs on monday 6 april


your subscription is valid after paying the whole sum, or a prepayment of at least 175 €.

The total amount should be paid at latest on 25 march 2020 on the account of

The Elixir of Life GbR.


IBAN: DE68 2666 0060 1552 0552 00   

Please mention: "Moving Mountains"



We look forward to meeting you ... ,


Jan, Lief, Daivika, Imaho, Bodea & Zigra



Who are we ?











Everything I’ve learned were fragments of a big puzzle, which led me on the path of my heart.

My biggest experience was my visit to a shaman in the Mexican rainforest of Yucatan. Apparently, nothing really happened at the moment I was there. But every following day, I felt more and more ill. After my return flight to Germany, I directly went to the emergency room, where I stayed in quarantine for the next days. Examination after examination, no one could find what made me weaker day by day. The last option I was given was an operation on suspicion, whereupon I decided to go home to die (that’s what I thought). When everyone was asleep in the house, I began to write farewell letters to each of my loved ones. This painful process of letting go lasted all night. Never before had I shed so many tears in my life. When I wrote the last letter to my son, I became aware that to whomever I wrote, I was in peace with everything and everyone, that there was really nothing more to say than that I have only love in my heart. I fell into a state of consciousness of pure love. At that moment, I was ready to let go of everything ... and die. I fell in a deep sleep. 12 hours later I woke up, perfectly healthy. This tough dying experience was the most intense experience of my life. It felt like the birth of my real self.

Ever since, it is my greatest joy to fully surrender to the magic of life. I began to open up spiritually. My life drastically changed. It was not an easy road.

The first years I created my own dual world. I had a spiritual life and I had my normal daily existence. Combining these two was my biggest challenge. (It probably is the biggest challenge for all of us: how can we live a meaningful, joyful life in our modern, rational society ? How can we combine being grounded and being spiritual in our everyday life ?)

Gradually, everything changed. Friends went, new friends came ... A new partner stepped into my life ... So many new beginnings with many processes of letting go of the old. So many invitations to be open for the moment. I started to see all the gifts that present itself in the here and now.

My biggest challenge was to find the courage to unconditionally stay true to my real self. It took me a long time to let go of all the structures and knowledge I had been taught in studies and to experience inner freedom.


My spiritual work expresses itself through life changing constellations and Satsangs. Whenever I am connected to the energy field, my system perceives the structure behind the obvious. Bringing peoples "blind spots" to the surface, solves their life long struggles and issues at its root. As soon as people are able to perceive the structure behind their blocked energy patterns (consciously or non-consciously), e-motions come up. Allowing these e-motions (=energy in motion) in the here and now, is probably the biggest part of the transformation. This proces is a very efficient way to get into the flow of life again.

A Satsang is an invitation to surrender to the glory of the moment. Nothing has more meaning than being present at this very moment of truth. Sometimes we sit in silence while the energy field opens up and makes us radiant ...  Or our souls meet eye to eye in a moment of timelessness. Or inspiring words come through me ... , 

Constellations and Satsangs are experiences beyond words. They radiate to the very core of your being. They reveal what the moment wants to reveal. They awaken and bring to the here and now what has been slumbering underneath for ages. They are very efficient support systems to reconnect you to the stream of life.

Are you willing to welcome your real self ?


Like a drop of rain,

flowing to the ocean ...















For 40 years, I was living in survival mode. 3 nose operations and the whole spectrum of conventional medicine could not solve my chronically blocked nose and the sleep apnea that came with it. I had no focus, no joy, no manifestation power, ... I felt like a slave dragging myself from one useless day to another. I felt drained, tired, stressed, depressed, disconnected. I could not breathe properly, my heart was blocked. I had so many capacities, but I could not do anything with them.

At a certain moment I stopped judging myself for not working half as hard as other people did. I accepted I would never earn my place in society by following the norm. My health simply did not allow me to ...

A few days before my mother died I finally felt seen for who I was, not for what I had been (not) doing. I felt joy. The joy of souls connecting, the joy of masks falling down, the joy of something bigger than life. When she passed over, it didn't feel like death. I felt the joy of being reborn in something beyond words.

24 hours later, I experienced a lifechanging initiation. I saw an oval shaped light opening up to me. Light came to me, through me, was in me, surrounded me. A pillar of light stretched me open. My head went backwards. I surrendered and fell backwards. My energy teacher was there to catch me ...

That night, my whole vision on death changed. And along with it, my vision on life.

When I changed my mindset to gratitude for all the gifts life brought me, amazing synchronicities started to pop up in my life. The more magic that popped up in our life, the more courage we got to jump and surrender to the magic of life ...


Step out of fear based thinking and start to live your dream life ...

If not you, ...who ?

If not now, ...  when ?















From childhood onwards, I knew there was something more. I did not know what, I could not put it in words, I could feel it. I did my best to fit in, but I felt different. To please my parents, I studied hard and became an Industrial Engineer in Chemistry. I worked in a multinational pharmaceutical company and as researcher at the University of Gent.

Still I knew there was something more, but I had no clue how to reach it.

Then I went to an open day from a dance school. In the session "Bodyflow", I saw happy people, almost floating through the room. I had no clue how come these people looked so shiny and in touch with themselves. Curious and eager to learn, I signed up for 10 lessons.

The lesson started with an explanation about the energyfield and our connection to it. My scientific brain was in resistance mode: I wanted to run out. But I stayed. Luckily I stayed. During the session, my body started to move without me being in control. For the first time in my life, I physically felt I was connected to something huge ... I did not understand, but it felt liberating ...

The last lesson I got a symbol and a message: a closed book that did not have to be opened. I did not need to have the knowledge, because I could trust my intuition.

I took this challenge. It turned out to be the best decision I ever took.

Ever since, my life brought me to so many beautiful persons, places and challenges.

I started to give courses Dutch to immigrants, I cofounded a Sudbury school (which is totally different than any other school) and together with Jan I gave birth to Lien and Tim. They turned out to be my biggest masters in the school of life.

In 2012 Jan's mother was terminal. We stepped into an intense process of connecting, supporting and letting go. The last days of her life were life changing. I felt so much love, connection and ... joy. It was hard to express, was I not supposed to be sad ? Luckily Jan felt the same.

She passed away on my 38th birthday. Later I read a book from a woman who felt the same joy and amazing connection when her husband died. She described exactly what we experienced. As if non physical beings come to support the dying in their process.

After his mother died, Jan felt a strong call to go to Michael Barnett. He told me about the German sisters Bodea and Daivika and the invitation he got to go to their seminar. He asked me to join. I did not feel the call to go there. But the universe made us move in mysterious ways: in a playgarden in a small Belgian town, I bumped into Bodea. We had never met, but immediately, we recognised each other. I looked in her eyes and I knew I would benefit to go to their next seminar.

And that's where the magic stepped into my life. Finally I felt home on this earth. On our way back to Belgium I spoke out my intention to live more and more in this higher vibration. Guess what ? The universe did everything to support my decision. We were put out of the house we rented, we got acces to abundance on many levels, we quit our jobs and started travelling. Synchronicities brought us to Badulina, an amazing community in magic Orgiva.


If you don't seem to fit in this world, you were born to help create a better one.















To find my place in this world, I was hopping from one study to another: Electronics, Social Work, Academy for Dance, Shiatsu practitioner ...

At 34 I stepped into a Taoist community in the Swiss Alps. For 4 years I worked there and went through all kinds of programs, which would make me able to control (that's what I believed back then) my life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In the last 3 months of my stay my life started to unfold. During a Kan(fire) and Li (water) meditation I was in such pain and rage ..., I kind of opened a door that transformed my life within minutes. It felt as a an explosion of self worth. I stepped out of judgement, felt my heart open up and experienced the connection with the universe. The next month I still felt ecstatic. My life finally started. I met my wife and went down the mountain to live in Bern. I got a day job and studied Taijiquan and Qigong in Switzerland, Scotland and China for 20 years now.


In 2015 I attended a Michael Barnett seminar. My whole world turned upside down, I was invited to live a life out of the comfort zone. I let go of my limiting beliefs and tuned in to a powerful force ...


Life is change.

The only true moment is here and now.















From my childhood to my young adult years I spent a lot of time in different hospitals. Painful lung infections, asthma and unpleasant treatments let me doubt my capacities.

I was determined to do it different in my adult life.

During the time I became a nurse, I was always open for alternative, holistic methods of healing. Methods that did not just focus on the diseased parts of the body but on the whole energy system.

Jin Shin Jyutsu was the foundation of my spiritual path. I became a Reiki teacher. And then I met Michael Barnett. Me and my sister (Daivika) went to many courses of this mindblowing energy master. In this moment, I got a wonderful heart connection with her; we started to give workshops together. We received the name "the Elixir of Life". We specialise in energy work and family constellations. As our organisation grew, we brought more and more people to beautiful heart opening energy releases. The last years I was pleased to pass the experience of the Leyline healing system in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

I feel so grateful for all the people that I could help to heal in the past years, be it as a head of the hospital emergency room, or as a channel opening people to connect with the healing energy of the energy field ...


I look forward to guide you home ...






In 2007 I was diagnosed with a hormonal cancer. Surgery saved my life. My body was exhausted from the hectic life I had been leading, serving a multinational company. I could not keep living my old life.

My first wake-up call was a lecture on the symbolism behind diseases and the link with our consciousness. I attended courses on "the language of life through symbols" and got introduced how to release tension through regeneration therapy. The more courses I attended, the more new worlds opened up for me. I became aware of my thoughts, structures, emotions and behaviours and started to use techniques to reprogram my subconsciousness. I was introduced to constellation work, coaching, reading techniques, Ley Lines, light work, channeling and regression. My journey brought me to Michael Barnett, a 90 year old energy teacher with a focus on stepping out of the mind and being present in the moment, who uses the healing force of music.  

Ever since, life has become a continuous letting go of old structures and behaviours. A journey from the mind to the heart, into the belly. Surrendering step by step to a life of synchronicities and abundance. Spirituality is nothing more than living your true self in day-to-day life.

I share my life with Bodea in Mechelen (Belgium), where I have a regular job and we run our praxis. It is my passion to share my life experience with whoever asks for support or wants to walk the most beautiful journey one can imagine: the path of remembering who you truely are. This road brought me lightness, joy, self-love, oneness and much more. I know it can bring you the same experience ...


What are you waiting for ?